About Hector Aceves

Works 23 was made to showcase what I've done, what I done. and where I'd like to go. All projects are important but the bigger more time consuming projects are showcased here. These are regularly maintained and continually evolving. The sites are just examples but everything can be customized. The bigger the project the more details and time is needed. Feel free to reach out no project is too small to have it consulted.

My Projects


Zamora Motors - Used Car Dealer

With Zamora Motors I developed, created, and continue to maintain monthly auto inventory and marketing on their social media as a used car dealership located in Santa Maria, CA. The opportunity to work with this establishment provided a great deal of insight and knowledge. Each month that passes the fruits of our joint venture show how powerful a simple and straight forward website could become in a crowded market. Click the picture to see the website for yourself.


Auto Finance Services LLC - Consulting Company

Auto Finance Services began as a way to use my knowledge gathered over the years as a side job. The auto industry is the biggest here in southern California, as such many companies aren’t always up to speed on regulations, tactics, and best business practices. With my networking and connections already established locally and across states, I’m able to improve finance focused companies with their process, and help local business in their recovery efforts of all types.Click the picture to see the website for yourself.

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